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Posted on September 29, 2015 · Posted in Parenting

Your children were made for the delights of knowing the supremacy of Christ. Bringing these sorts of truths to your children is the vision of Psalm 145.
You cannot over-estimate the importance of showing your children the glory of God. If they do not know who God is, how God thinks, what God feels and why he does what he does, they will have no ground for finding joy in him, no reason to celebrate his abundant goodness, and no basis for finding satisfaction in him. Delight in God cannot occur in an intellectual vacuum. Your careful display and demonstration of the wonders of God’s glorious being is crucial for your children. Joy in God is the fruit of what you know to be true of him. The spiritual heat of joy, delight, and wonder in the face of God cannot take place in a conceptual vacuum.


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Jay Younts
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