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Books by Brian G. Hedges.

Active Spirituality
Active Sprituality
by Brian G. Hedges
Price: $13.95
Christ Formed In You
Christ Formed in You
by Brian G. Hedges
Price: $15.95
Christ Formed in You Study Guide
Christ Formed in You Study Guide
by Brian G. Hedges
Price: $8.99

Active Spirituality is a series of warm pastoral letters, written to a young Christian, about the paradox of grace and effort in the life of faith. These letters make the case that the Christian life involves both: trying and trusting, running and resting, dependence on grace and exerting disciplined effort. So, pull up a chair, settle in, and read over the shoulder of Chris, a struggling young adult trying to find a church, overcome discouragement, live a chaste life, and develop a plan for spiritual growth, all while learning to rest in the finished work of Jesus.

Christ Formed in You is a book about spiritual formation, the “grace-driven developmental process in which the soul grows in conformity to the image of Christ.” The acid test of all spiritual formation is this: Are you becoming more like Jesus? Are the contours of your character being shaped by his image, formed in his likeness?

This ongoing transformation is possible for you. You can become more and more like Jesus Christ. But there is only one way: through your increasing understanding and application of the gospel. The goal of Christ Formed in You is to aid you in this process—to help you discover new depths of joy in what God has accomplished through Christ and the Spirit to deliver you from both the guilt and the grip of sin.

Brian G. Hedges is the lead pastor at Fulkerson Park Baptist Church in Niles, Michigan. He has been married to Holly since 1996 and they have four children. Brian is the author of Active Spirituality and Christ Formed in You, as well as other books, and numerous articles published in periodicals and online. For fun, Brian enjoys reading, playing golf, hanging out with his family, and watching good movies.