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One Day, Two Celebrations

Halloween is an enigma. It is a time of costumes and mystery, of parties and fun, of tricks and treats. This is the American cultural Halloween of retail sales and seasonal advertizing themes.  There is also another side to Halloween. This is the Halloween of movies and novels, the occult and ritual; the world of the real dark Lord. This is the Halloween marked not by cute children asking for a treat, but by fear and terror.  But even this dark side of Halloween has an appealing aspect for some—the adrenalin rush produced by shocking scenes that provoke fear.

Bill, Jill, Will and Lil

Two Christians, Bill and Will, have a problem. Bill borrowed Will’s commentary on Acts. However, Bill then set it down on his desk at home and soon forgot that he had it because his desk was covered with stacks of mail, papers, other books, McDonald’s bags, Bill’s bowling ball bag, an old T-shirt and several shopping lists.

Disturb us, O Lord

Christians have played a more vital role in history than is often thought.  It is good to be reminded of those who have gone before. It is good for our children to learn of the courage, accomplishments and prayers of those who have trusted Christ.  One such example is English navigator and seaman Sir Francis Drake (circa 1542 – 1598).  Drake was the first Englishman to circumnavigate the globe and was instrumental in defeating the Spanish Armada. Drake was the son of a Protestant preacher.  Drake, like all figures of history, had strengths and weakness.  But, as you can see from the prayer below, he was passionate about his faith in Christ.  In 1577, while on his voyage around the […]

From Criticism to Rebuke

Man began life on planet Earth as a perfect creature.  But as a creature, man still had one significant limitation—he was finite. He didn’t have all the answers; thus, at times he needed help. Before the Fall, help would have been asked for or received with grace and gratitude. The perfect man, Adam, would have immediately welcomed suggestions or better ways to accomplish things.

The Gospel and Criticism

“That’s a bad idea! How could you think of something that awful?” “That’s a pretty good job. But you know, if you just did this one part a little bit more carefully, it would be really great.” “That stinks!” “That is not what I told you to do.” “Well, maybe next time you’ll do better.” The five examples of criticism listed above are painful to read and even more painful when you are on the  receiving end of them. Hearing someone’s unkind and unfair criticism does indeed present a trial and a challenge. It becomes even more upsetting if this type of criticism is directed at one of your children.

Families on the Move

In 1908 Henry Ford began to mass produce the Model T Ford.  For the first time, powered transportation became an option for everyday life. At first, the lifestyle changes for the general public were small. But in the 100 years that have passed since the Model T began production it is now difficult to imagine life without “wheels”.  Whether the destination is across town or across the state, we have only to find the keys and go.  The reality of quick, convenient travel has become part of our culture.

It’s Monday!

What does Monday mean to you? Do you look forward to this new week? Or, perhaps, are you wondering if this week will be as overwhelming as last week? There is also the possibility that this will be just another week—nothing special or worrisome to look forward to—just another week.