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Did Prohibition end Alcohol Abuse?

This is an important question. Was alcohol or evil the problem in early 20th Century America? Are guns or evil the problem in early 21st Century America? Evil is a reality that will exist until Christ returns. We live in the time of the Fall. This means that evil actions are certain. Will the elimination of alcohol, vehicles, drugs, or guns end evil? No, the reality is that if even all of these things were made illegal the world would not be a safer place. Why, because evil would still remain. Man would still maim and murder. Legislation will not drive evil from the human heart.    Because of horrific abuse, Congress made the consumption of alcohol illegal. Thus, Prohibition […]

Christmas May Come, Christ Is Coming

To say that December 25th is a date that is planned for would be an understatement. But, there is no guarantee that either you or the world will survive until next Tuesday. What is certain is that God will make things happen as he has planned. That is the difference between your planning and God’s planning.    The one great hope that we have is that Christ will return and make all things new! Tears will be wiped away. There will be no need for electric power as the radiant glory of God will supply all the power that we will need. All the inequities of life will be wonderfully and finally resolved.  Our broken bodies will be made whole. […]