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A Letter from Ruth for the New Year

I am reposting a letter written to our church by my wife, Ruth, in 2010. It was written the day before she had surgery for her brain tumor. She was diagnosed with Glioblastoma Multiforme, which is the most lethal form of brain cancer. The life-expectancy from diagnosis is 12-14 months. God has chosen to keep Ruth here with us. There was a reoccurrence of the cancer in October of this year. Our doctor at Duke has enrolled Ruth in a vaccine trial which has the goal of training her own immune system to attack the cancer.    This letter gives focus to all of us as we consider how we will spend our time in the upcoming year. Ruth’s attitude […]


Truthfulness is telling information accurately, without exaggerating or misleading. A prayer to teach your children, and yourself, about truthfulness: Lord, help me to be truthful. Sometimes, I am afraid if I tell the truth I’ll get in trouble or someone will be angry with me. Thank you that Jesus died to pay for all the sins of his people. Please give me the courage to please you be being truthful. In Jesus’ name, Amen. This definition and prayer are taken from Get Wisdom!. Though the book is written to instruct young children about biblical wisdom, it reminds us that the things we teach our children are the same things that God wants us to learn and practice.  We struggle with […]