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Thought for the Lord’s Day

Worship must be consumed with whom we worship. If worship becomes about my experience then my experience becomes the object of worship. Here are three things about worship that will help keep your focus on the majesty of God.   Worship is a response to greatness. When you consider who God is, you can not help but bow before him. It is always appropriate to be blown away by greatness of God. There is none like him.   Worship is a response to power. When you consider that God holds your life in his hands, when you consider he holds and controls the vast expanse of the universe together by his will, when you consider that Christ has defeated the […]

How do we know the Bible is God’s word and not man’s?

One of our readers asks an important question regarding a recent post. This question deserves a separate post to answer it. Perhaps others of you have asked the same question or have had it asked of you by friends, family members or others. Here is the question David asked:   “I wonder how words from a man turn into the word of god. Still have a very difficult time grasping this concept.”   David thanks for asking this question.   To begin with your first sentence, you ask how the word of man can turn into the word of God. If this was what really happened, man’s words turning into God’s words, then it would make no sense to rely […]