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Formative Instruction to meet the challenges of life.

Several recent posts have addressed contemporary issues in our culture. The reasoning behind these posts is not just random thought or one person’s opinion. Rather these post reflect a systematic way of biblical thought. One of the places where this thought is collected for parents is found in the book, Instructing a Child’s Heart, by  Tedd and Margy Tripp. Following is an excerpt from the book: “The life classroom is constant, compelling and comprehensive. The same is true of our homes as well. They are environments where our children are constantly learning. Not only that, but we are always teaching our children. Our every response, whether it is instruction or silence, teaches. Our behavior and our love teach. But in […]

The Attack of Equality

Being somewhat of a sports fan, I could not help but notice that a female bout Saturday evening was highlighted in the sport of Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).  UFC bouts are a cross between boxing and martial arts with a good amount savage aggression thrown in. A headline in USA Today said this bout was a big lift for women.   Really?   Equality is one of the rallying cries of modern culture in its quest to rid itself of God and his Bible. In our culture’s striving for equality of the sexes the special uniqueness of each gender has been cast aside. The media is delighted that women can viscously attack one another in the name of sport, just […]