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April 1st – The Enemy’s Everyday Holiday

Gotcha – This is the word of the day on April Fools’ Day. For centuries people have used this day to play “tricks” on each other. The idea is to make one think something is true when it is not.  When someone actually falls for one of these false scenarios then the perpetrator of the ruse will comically state – “April Fools!”. In other words, you have been had.   This day is a timely day to remind each other and our children that the April Fools’ spirit is alive and well everyday! The father of lies likes nothing better than when one of his deceitful schemes has been believed. Only he doesn’t say “gotcha” when this happens. He keeps […]

Grief and Anxiety: Diseases or Not?

Here is the latest entry of Dr. Charles Hodges’s blog. Dr. Hodges is the author of Good Mood, Bad Mood: Help and Hope for Depression and Bipolar Disorder.  In this blog post, he cites a leading British Professor, Peter Kinderman,  who comments about new findings in the psychological community regarding grief and anxiety. Since these issues touch so many, these are important matters to consider. Dr. Hodges has done a tremendous service in bringing the light of Scripture to bear on a problem where the secular medical community is finding more problems than solutions. [hr] Grief and Anxiety: Diseases or Not? by Dr. Charles Hodges A little more than two months ago, Peter Kinderman wrote an editorial for BBC News Health […]