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The Bible, Your Heart, and Your Eyes

One way to look at Scripture is that it is your connection with the wonder of eternity. The Bible is only place that tells you about what is now in light of what is to come. The plan of the enemy is for us to think that our life on earth is all that is real. However, life on earth is meaningless if it is not connected to eternity.   The freedom of being liberated by the limitations of this life is almost beyond words. What happens here is not all that there is. We live for the day when we will no longer be bound by time. The day of eternity leaves the darkness of night behind. We will […]

Millions In Gold and Silver

Christians sometimes struggle to make the Bible practical or real.  Here is one reason that the practicality of God’s word is difficult for us. We miss the obvious illustrations that the Bible does provide to help us see how practical it is. For example look at Psalm 119:72:   “The law from your mouth is more precious to me     than thousands of pieces of silver and gold.”   One translation says the amount should be stated as millions in gold and silver.  Now how many of us think that life would be much easer to manage if our bank accounts contained millions of dollars?  We would probably think that if this happened our problems would be over.   The Holy […]