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Thought for the Lord’s Day

God commands that you love others. Do you love because this pleases God or because it benefits you? Here are some provocative words from Paul Tripp.   “God created us to be social beings. His plan, from day one, was for us to live in meaningful community with another. It is one of the primary ways that we can image him. Have you ever considered that God himself is a community? He is the only being in the universe who can say that. Our relationships are so important to God but he position ed the command for us to love one another second only to the call love him. We are called live in productive community with others, and those […]

Midlife – A New Season

Our God is the author of new seasons. He is the giver of you seeds, new roots, and new fruit. He causes fruits and flowers to grow where weeds and thorns once were. He is the God of the new harvest.   In midlife God calls you to turn from mourning over your previous harvest to planting new and better seeds.  Maybe you mourn about the harvest of your parenting. Plant new seeds. Maybe that means working to restore distant or broken relationships with your adult children. Or it could mean being a wise and godly grandparent, sowing spiritual seeds the souls of the next generation. Perhaps you mourn that your life was controlled by your career. Take advantage of […]