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America’s Hope – Your Family, Your Church

The last post warned of America’s disrespect for God and his ways. It is essential for Christians to have a clear view of the dangers the enemy presents.  It is equally important to maintain hope and confidence in God’s power. This is where your family and your church community come in.   God often uses the small things to humble the proud. David had five smooth stones. Gideon had 300 men. Jonathan had his sword. Jonah had only words. One way that God can turn an entire culture around is when parents start to talk about God to their children.   If we talk about God, then to maintain credibility, we have to believe what we say. If we represent […]

The worship of God is unacceptable to America.

This past week’s headlines certainly grabbed our attention. There were at least two that indicated America’s growing intolerance of God. One was a study from the University of Michigan that finds cohabitation has statistically become the living arrangement of choice for young women.  Pamela Smock, a director of the study said this: “By the time they’re 20, 1 in 4 women ages 15 to 44 in the U.S. have lived with a man, and by the time they’re 30, that ratio climbs to 3 in 4, the new study shows. “The question becomes not who cohabits, but who doesn’t?” Smock says.” The second story is about a federal judge clearing the way for a “morning-after pill” to be available for […]