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Self-Pity & Sexual Immorality

A toddler sulks because she can’t play when it is time for a nap. A nine-year-old feels deprived because he has to share the video game console with his little brother.  A young teenager thinks he is an outcast because no one who is “cool” ever talks to him. All three of these children are candidates for sexual immorality and perversion.  You might think, how did you make that connection? Good question. Here is the why behind this thinking. Sexual immorality is rooted in selfishness. The lusts of the flesh say that a person should be able have what they want or desire. There is cultural outrage that anyone, especially God, would set boundaries on sexual conduct. The core issue […]

The Power of Thunder

A strong line of thunder storms is passing through our part of the country this evening. The strength of thunder is unsettling and at times, terrifying. Thunder’s power also reminds us that when God says he will do something he has the power to accomplish it.   There is beauty in thunder. It’s not a settling beauty. It is the beauty of sheer power. As Psalm 19 teaches, the sky has much to say about God. The sunrise gives hope. The sunset proclaims the wonder of God in breathtaking sketches.  Thunder brings awe.    Thunder is the voice of God!   The voice of the Lord echoes above the sea.     The God of glory thunders.     The Lord thunders over the […]