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A prayer on going to sleep.

I lie down and sleep;       I wake again, because the LORD sustains me. Psalm 3:5 O Lord God, who has given man the night for rest, as you have created a day in which he may employ himself in labor, grant, I pray, that my body may so rest during this night that my mind cease not to be awake to you, nor my heart faint or be overcome with apathy, preventing it from adhering steadfastly to the love of you. While laying aside my cares to relax and relieve my mind, may I not, in the meanwhile, forget you, nor may the remembrance of your goodness and grace, which ought always to be deeply engraved on […]

Thought for the Lord’s Day

Did you pay your dues at church today? This is a ridiculous question, isn’t it? Of course it is. Nevertheless, the question must be answered – did you pay your dues at church today?  Christians often miss the most obvious implications of our faith. As Paul tells the Ephesians, we have been saved by the gift of grace. There is no room for boasting. Even though we believe this to be true, we can still attempt to pay dues. How does that work? If you go to church when you would rather be somewhere else, you are paying dues. If you go to church because you want others to think well of you, you are paying dues. If you go […]