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Parental Authority also Sacrificed on the Altar of Sexual Promiscuity

As far as the government is concerned your authority as a parent is gone. You can believe that you still have control over your family, if you choose to believe in fantasies. But the reality is that it is government who decides what is moral for your family. Don’t bother mentioning God in this discussion – his law has been ruled unconstitutional! At least that is how the government sees things. An innocuous sounding announcement by White House Press Secretary, Jay Carney, has cast a dark shadow over the American family. The current administration has yielded to the court order of a U.S. District judge to make the Plan B morning after pill available to women of all ages. Here […]

A Dad’s Job Description – a partial list

  Love Christ first By his sacrificial example encourage his wife to love Christ first Love his wife so that she is confident he understands her deepest thoughts & moods Love his wife by honoring her before their children Love his wife by joyful sacrifice to enable her spiritual growth Love his wife by seeing her sins as opportunities to show the grace of God to her By his sacrificial example encourage his children to love Christ first Love his children by letting them know that he is incomplete without his wife Love his children by learning to listen first and speak only when necessary Love his children by living out God’s word in front of them Love his children […]