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There is more to kindness than sharing

You know your child should learn to be wise and kind. For example: “Jessica, mommy wants you to be wise all day. Is that clear!?! So, today let’s work really hard on having some wisdom as you play with your little brother.” This example doesn’t really work, does it? Okay, let’s try it another way. “Jessica, mommy wants you to be kind all day. So, let’s work really hard at being kind to your little brother.” This example seems a little more realistic. However, Jessica will not be any closer to a life of wisdom and service to Christ if this is the type of instruction she is given. You see in these examples the child’s behavior is addressed, but […]

How did this happen???

I have heard this tear stained question too many times. Parents who have attempted to be godly parents find out their 15 year-old is living out the things they tried so desperately to prevent. The things that they thought would offer protection did not. So what does offer protection for your children? Here is one answer. What you believe is what protects you. What your children believe will be what, ultimately, protects them. Protects them from what? From the attacks of the world. Responsible parents are always looking for ways to protect their children.  Whether it is an improved baby monitor or a new cell phone with a GPS locator or a car with more safety features, protecting our children […]