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The unholy trinity of sensual desire

You remember Jonadab. He was the opportunistic enabler of Amnon’s sensual cravings for Tamar. Today, Jonadab would have earned a rich living on Madison Avenue. He was intimately familiar with the unholy trinity of youthful passions: You can have it. You deserve it. Do what it takes to get it now. This is the formula of TV commercials aimed at youth. They offer fast food, beer, cars, clothing, and safe sex all all nicely packaged in the self-serving phrase of drink responsibly. Paul was also aware of this unholy trinity when he warned a young Timothy to flee youthful passions. Sin’s deceitfulness particularly targets teenagers  and young people. Jonadab, in 2 Samuel 13, addressed the youthful lusts of Amnon. Amnon’s […]

Beware of Snapshots

No, this post is not a warning against taking pictures. But if you understand the dynamics of still a photograph, a snapshot, you will learn a valuable life lesson. A snapshot records a moment in time. You don’t know what came before the photo and you don’t know what happened after the photo was taken. You also are not aware of what the photographer chose not to show you in the picture. With a snapshot all you have is a frozen moment in time that may appear to have a meaning that is radically different from the actual situation. What about the life lesson? Well, if you just met someone, you may be able to say a lot about that […]