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Second-Hand Television

The “experts” have found something new to warn us about – second-hand TV. However, this time they might be on to something. USA Today reports that the American Academy of Pediatrics “for the first time included warnings about “secondhand television” in its guidelines for kids under age 2.” The article also includes the following quote: “Parents are distracted by TV the same way preschoolers are,” says Lisa Guernsey, author of the 2007 book Into the Minds of Babes: How Screen Time Affects Children From Birth to Age Five. She says young children learn much more from face-to-face interaction than a screen.” Ms. Guernsey has it right. The danger from ubiquitous TV is not just the content on the screen but […]

Love your kids. Speak the truth.

In all of the ease and comfort of modern life it is easy to forget what the world is truly like. It is easy to lose sight of the need to prepare your children for a world that is deadly as it is deceitful. It is easy to love the world. If you find it difficult to warn your children of the world’s danger, that may be one sign that you love the world more than you think you do. Love your kids. Speak the truth. Flee deception. Honor God with your words.