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What difference does it make?

There are days when it seems as though you have no strength at all. You know what you should be doing; you know what the demands are. You work to accomplish your tasks. Yet, instead of finally achieving the satisfaction of accomplishment, you are overtaken by weariness. You feel weak beyond hope. You ask yourself in frustration, “What difference does it make?”   The psalmist must have experienced thoughts like these as he traveled to Jerusalem to worship. Psalm 121 records how he looked up at the hills surrounding him on his journey, he knew that he was vulnerable. On the journey up toward Jerusalem, the hills were full of foreboding—perhaps robbers and wild animals lurked among the shadows.    […]

A gospel-centered response to criticism

“That’s a bad idea! How could you think of something that awful?” “That’s a pretty good job. But you know, if you just did this one part a little bit more carefully, it would be really great.” “That stinks!” “That is not what I told you to do.” “Well, maybe next time you’ll do better.”   The five examples of criticism listed above are painful to read and even more painful to hear. Hearing someone’s unkind and unfair criticism does indeed present a trial and a challenge.    From a gospel-centered perspective your first thought when you receive unfair criticism should focus on how you can return good for evil—because this is what God has done for you. God has […]

Syria, Politics, and the Lord’s Day

Our God keeps his own counsel. Therefore, it is not wise to predict what God might or might do in a particular political situation.  There are, however, biblical principles that bear directly on any government. If a leader or elected official chooses to ignore them, they do so at their own peril.    The Lord’s Day has to do with the glory of God. Thus, it is a fitting time to consider three of these principles.    The first two are found in Daniel chapter 2.    Here is the first: The Holy Spirit leaves no doubt about who controls the world’s political scene. It is the God of the Bible.    The second principle is that if anyone seeks […]