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Halloween – the ultimate trick or treat

Halloween is viewed by many as a night of family fun, fantasy dress up, and sweet rewards. Millions participate in Halloween festivities for these reasons. If this was all there was to Halloween there would be nothing to be concerned about. But not everything is at it appears to be. There is a dark-side to Halloween.    The last few weeks cable channels have flooded TV screens with horror movies specializing in blood, fear, and gore. Modern imaging technology makes these films shockingly realistic.  Satanists claim Halloween as their holy day. The occult revels in this dark celebration.    The contrast is stunning. One side of the Halloween coin is bright, fun and exciting. The other side represents the darkest […]

Stories for Life

Man was made for stories. We remember stories. We laugh at stories. We cry over stories. We are motivated by stories. Why? Because God made us to love stories. The legacy of a culture is told by narratives, not by encyclopedias. Even in a culture as bent on moving away from God as our current one is, there are still biblical stories etched into the minds of people in our culture. These biblical narratives transcend ideological barriers. The Prodigal Son, The Good Samaritan, the Christmas Story, and others speak of a God who may not be as easily dismissed as cultural elitists believe. While these narratives are often marred and confused in the culture, they still remain, and they still […]