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Contentment is being satisfied because God is working everything together for my good and for his glory.  Prayer for contentment: Father, you give me everything that I need, and you have given me what I need most – forgiveness for my sin. Please help me to be content. Sometimes I struggle with being angry and feeling sorry for myself when I don’t get what I want. Please help me to be satisfied with your love and to rest in your perfect care. In Jesus name, Amen. Ruth Younts – from Get Wisdom! Parents this is a definition and a prayer that must be woven into your life before you can bring this truth to your children. No, none of us […]

Do your children believe that they are God’s gift to you?

Almost every Christian knows Psalm 127:3 which says that children are a gift, a heritage from God. Few would disagree. But practically speaking, how many of our children believe they are God’s gift to their parents?   Schedules, grades, behavioral concerns, homework and household chores can cloud the perception of being a gift. Then, of course, there are pressures parents face: financial issues, home and car maintenance, issues at work, relational struggles, problems at church, appointments, school schedules, etc.. In the midst of all this day-to-day turmoil rejoicing in the blessing of children can slip from view. Take a moment to consider that perhaps one reason for your child’s daily struggles may come from his uncertainty about whether you truly […]

Thought for the Lord’s Day

When Christians gather for worship we sing and pray to a God that we cannot see. We read from a book whose last chapter was written 2,000 years ago. We hold tightly to what we cannot touch. We give money that yields no measurable earthly return. We love whether or not it is reciprocated. We inhale a sweet aroma that our senses cannot detect. We believe in an eternity that we cannot verity by human endeavor.    This is what the Bible calls faith. It is a good thing.

Embarrassed by God?

Take a deep breath, its November. It is time, once again, for America to attempt to celebrate a season meant to show gratitude to God and joy remembering the birth of Jesus Christ by ignoring them. We have “matured” to the point where we now thank ourselves and our retirement plans.  Our reason for joy is based upon how much we can give to each other. God? Jesus Christ? The Holy Spirit? They are unconstitutional. The idea of one God to whom all are accountable  – embarrassing!  This is reality in America and in many other countries.  How do you lead your children to honor God during the coming weeks?  First – Remind your children that just because others are […]

What is good for your children?

Many things qualify as “good” for you and your children. As parents we want to show love and kindness to our kids. We tend to invest heavily with our time and or money in the “good” things.  Which of these good things would survive if life was suddenly turned upside down by a catastrophic event?    The question is, have we invested the most in the good things that will endure the sudden, violent storms of life?     But as for me, the nearness of God is my good; I have made the Lord God my refuge, That I may tell of all Your works. Psalm 73:28