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Does God want you to choose only between good and bad? Or is he also interested in you making the right choice between what is good and what is best?   Too often parents only focus on choosing between good and bad. That is important. But even more important is the goal to choose that which is best! God wants us to do more than avoid evil. He wants our best.   This is why Ruth Younts defines discernment this way:   “Discernment is seeing the difference between good and bad – or good and best – so I know what to do to please God.”   Prayer for discernment:   Dear Lord, sin makes me so foolish and stupid […]

If God is not taught, can good result?

Sean wants to be a structural engineer. He wants to design buildings with beauty and functionality. However, Sean hates algebra and calculus. He has no interest in math.     Sean also says he wants to be a good person. However, Sean hates the idea of God and moral absolutes. For Sean, the Bible is a collection of outdated myths. But he still believes he can be and is a good person. More is needed to be a structural engineer than simply desiring to be one. More is also needed to be a good person than self-proclamation. The difference is that being good is much more challenging than being an engineer. Being good requires a heart change. One of the […]

Gospel driven schoolwork

What is there about schoolwork that should point to the gospel? First and foremost, it is God who assigned the schoolwork. God orders all things and determines all earthly authorities, including teachers (Colossians:15-20; Romans 8:28). Schoolwork, no matter how random, tedious or difficult it might appear to be, is ultimately directed by God in his wise providence. One of the purposes of all the work that we have to do is to drive us to Christ and his gospel (Col. 3:17). In order to encourage your children to trust God, you must first encourage them with the gospel message of grace. Their schoolwork is sent to them by God. Schoolwork is a wonderful opportunity to teach your kids how God is […]