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God’s Kingdom in your home

When Jesus says this is how you should pray parents should take notice! God wants you to pray that his kingdom will reign in your home. To pray effectively, in a way that honors God as special and holy, we must pray that God’s purpose and plan must prevail and not our own. However, the reality is that we come to God most often when we have a problem. If this is the example your children follow, it is not a good one.  This is the point to stress to yourself and to your children. By crying out to God that you want his kingdom to rule and his will to be done, you are implicitly saying that his purpose […]

Against you, you only, have I sinned

 Corporate worship is a collective experience where people sing praises to God, listen to his word and pray together as a body whose only hope is the redemptive grace of God. But there is another aspect to corporate worship, an individual dimension. While we can pray, sing, give and listen together, only each of us as individuals can seek the face of God in repentance. I can’t repent for your sin and you can’t repent for mine. Blame shifting makes for a weak church and  insincere worship.   When you come face to face with the God you worship, you can’t shift the responsibility of your sin to the person sitting next to you or to your spouse or your […]