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Do you live as if heaven is real?

Do you live as if heaven is real?   The Holy Spirit has guaranteed you an inheritance, which includes your place in heaven. What a huge blessing this is! The most wonderful and spectacular destination any human can have has been secured for you by God’s Holy Spirit.     If you were going to take the vacation of a life time would you be silent about your upcoming journey? Would you plan for it? Would you think of all the great things you would do on this once-in-a- lifetime trip? I think the answer to these questions is obvious.    Now let’s compare this grand earthly journey with the one you will take one day. Actually, the two are […]

When True Words Become Lies

If you want your child not to lie, you must first teach them what truthfulness is. This is where biblical wisdom is needed.  Wisdom teaches your child that telling the truth is more than just saying things that are true. Being truthful means speaking accurately, without exaggerating or being misleading. Your child needs wisdom to be truthful. Truth telling is a conscious effort to supply accurate information that honors God and not self. As you know, it is possible to say things that are accurate and still hide the truth. This is the distinction that you must teach to your children.  No child is born wise. Wisdom is a skill that must be acquired. If you are waiting for your […]

Interview with Ginger Hubbard about Guiltless Living, Part 1

Recently, I had the opportunity to interview Ginger Hubbard about her new book, Guiltless Living.  Ginger shows  the courage of her faith as she is open about her walk with God. Her story will encourage women who want to live for Christ.  Click on the cover image above to pre-order the book at a 50% discount. Here is part one of the interview:   Q: Why were you compelled to write this book?  A: For most of my life, I struggled with trying to be a good Christian and then would feel defeated and depressed when I blew it. After much prayer and studying Scripture, God began to show me that there is no power in my own attempts to […]

Protect Your Children from Famine

Amos prophesied God’s judgement against the northern kingdom of Israel for her corruption and social injustice. At a time when Israel was prosperous and complacent, he warned that the Chosen People were not safe from God’s wrath.   The book of Amos was written to Israel, the norther kingdom. The church today is not the northern kingdom. The people of America are not the Chosen People that Amos prophesied to. Yet, we would be foolish not to see the parallels.     We, too, live with an abundance of possessions and provision.  We too live in a culture complacent in its sin. And, we also suffer from a famine of hearing the words of our Lord.  Love your children enough […]

Thought for The Lord’s Day

Is your worship a response to a good God or a good life? God is a God who is to be praised and worshipped for who He is. You must not connect the reasons for worship to your evaluation of the circumstances in your life. Regardless of the circumstances you face or will  face God is to be worshipped for the splendor of his holiness. Habakkuk has much to tell us about worship rooted in faith instead of circumstance.    Judah was to be punished because of her rebellion to the Lord. Habakkuk questions why it is right for Judah to be punished by Babylon, a nation that is even more wicked than she had been. God tells Habakkuk that […]

Thought for the Lord’s Day and everyday!

Your Rules or God’s Light Here are two ways to view the Bible. Which one is more likely to be the view your children have of scripture? View #1                                                                                                                            The Bible and worship are “…nothing but man-made rules learned by rote.” Isaiah 29:13  View #2                              […]

How hard would it be if your child always obeyed?

Parent, how hard would it be for you to have a son who always did what you asked him to? Even as a teenager he would have a reputation as a fine, moral young man. He would be respectful to you, his parents. He would make wise use of his time. Everyone would compliment you on your obedient son. They would wish their children were just as obedient. How hard would it be? Are you starting to fantasize about how great this would be and how much easier your life would be?   There is a danger here. Do you see it?    Yes, a son or daughter who always obeyed would appear to be ideal. In Matthew 19 we […]

To Sleep, To Dream: Sleep Disordered Breathing & Psychotic Disorders

by Dr. Charles Hodges, Author of Good Mood Bad Mood It is not uncommon today to have patients come to the office with several diagnoses from several physicians. It is just as common for them to be taking several medications prescribed by different providers who do not always know what the other doctor is doing. And, at times it is up to me to help them sort it out as their family physician. I have seen several people who have come to me being treated for adult Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder who were being treated for obstructive sleep apnea at the same time. Almost always the symptoms of ADHD predate the discovery of the obstructive sleep apnea. Generally neither the sleep […]

Helping a Grumpy Eight-Year-Old

Eight-year-old Ryan is having a hard day. Several things he has wanted to do haven’t happened. Now a thunderstorm has wiped out playing with his friends outside. He feels he has every justification to be grumpy. Then Mom says this: “Ryan, I need your help right now in getting ready for company tonight. Would you watch your sisters for me?” “Mom! This isn’t fair. All day things have not been fair. And now you want me to watch Sarah and Michelle?  Can’t I have a break?” Mom realizes Ryan is struggling. So, instead of forcing the issue in a way that would certainly lead to discipline, she takes a minute and calls Ryan over to the couch to sit with […]

Men, listen first, ask questions later!

This post is directed to husbands and fathers. However, wives and moms are welcome to read as well. Feel free to pass this on to your husbands. Men, God has charged us with leading our families. Thankfully, God has given us specific directions in his word to help us be leaders who build others up. In this post we will look at one of these directives – not to answer without listening. He who answers before listening—        that is his folly and his shame.                                                                   […]