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What love does!

Love anticipates God will always care. Love offers encouragement when none is expected. Love does not regret the success of others. Love does not announce one’s own success. Love takes refuge in humility. Love seeks the honor of others. Love is not interested in self-promotion. Love knows joy before it knows anger. Love does not keep score. Love is thrilled when the truth is known. Love guards others even when it hurts. Love accepts care from others. Love is always certain of God’s promises. Love never caves.   This love is the true standard of Valentine’s Day. From I Corinthians 13:4-7 Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. 5 It […]

Two questions: ask the right one!

An unexpected temptation arises.  Should you go along or say no: this is the dilemma of having to decide right here, right now. You were not planning to have to make a potentially life-changing decision, but the moment has arrived whether you wanted it or not. What do you do?   You can frame this question based on the immediate circumstances before you. In this case your question will be something like, “What am I going to do?” Or you can move the issue to a larger stage and ask, “What does God want me to do?”   Two questions:   “What am I going to do?”   “What does God want me to do?”   King David chose to […]