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If you don’t talk to you kids about sex, MTV will.

MTV continues to push the envelope.  On July 16th, the music network is offering a new reality show for its viewers. According to foxnews.com the name of the show is Virgin Territory. According to Fox:   “The show follows 15 young adults, all between the ages of 18 to 23, who, for various reasons, are still virgins. During the course of the series, at least some of those featured will lose their virginity.   “Some of them are hanging on to their virginity and others are desperately trying to lose it,” a description of the show on MTV’s website explains.”   What would have been unthinkable 10 years ago is now served to the living rooms of millions of families […]

Replacing God

America has moved on from the Bible and its views of morality. Three “modern” replacements have been employed to succeed the supposed outdated structure of biblical Christianity. These replacements are: Public Opinion  Public opinion has assumed the role of Scripture and the Holy Spirit.  When politicians use phrases like the will of the people or the American people want they are typically referring to public opinion polls.  Even the terms right and wrong are used subjectively, as in people feel something is right or wrong or this is wrong for America. These terms are seldom used in the absolute sense.  Sexual preference or practice has become a matter to be decided by public opinion and personal choice. Biblical standards are […]