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Instructing a Child’s Heart:

How to build a biblical worldview for your family. For the next several weeks I will be blogging through Instructing a Child’s Heart  by Tedd and Margy Tripp. This book is foundational in nature. It will provide you with a biblical perspective on how to view your children before God, in the world they inhabit, and how God wants you to instruct them in the paths of the gospel. About Instructing a Child’s Heart This book begins with concept that all of life is a classroom. Teaching is always taking place. So the important questions are: who is doing the teaching and what is it that being taught.  Teaching, in some form, never stops. To prepare for this cultural assault […]

Obedience: A biblical worldview

God wants your children to obey you because it pleases Him and blesses them. For example, here is the direction from a parent who has taught this concept to her child. “Joshua, take the garbage out now, please.” “Sure, Mom, no problem.” Joshua’s mom expects to be obeyed. She doesn’t ask Joshua a question, she gives him clear, pleasant direction. She doesn’t whine or plead or bargain or threaten. She speaks directly but pleasantly. Joshua knows exactly what she wants him to do and when. Joshua has been trained to understand that obeying his parents is doing exactly what he is told, right away, with a good attitude. Joshua’s response is not one that came naturally to him. He is […]