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You never know!

497 years ago one man driven by his passion for the gospel wrote some things down on paper. Then he nailed the paper to a church door. The sound of the nail driven into that door still reverberates to this day. Social media has been around longer than we think! If you have a passion for God’s gospel truth there are no limitations. No, your name may not be remembered as Martin Luther’s is, but your voice will resonate in history. You may not have a church door in Wittenburg to post your thoughts. But you do have a voice, you may have a Facebook page, an email account, a phone to send texts, a friend to talk with, a […]

Marijuana and the NY Times: Smoking away our brains

By Dr. Charles Hodges, author of Good Mood Bad Mood I have written often about the perils of the recreational use of marijuana and I cannot resist writing again. The cause for my writing is that the New York Times that has stumbled into the reality that smoking pot does little if any good for those who smoke it. And it has the potential for great harm.[i] In an October 29th article by Abigail Moore titled, “This Is Your Brain on Drugs,” the problems with pot are outlined. The first and most disturbing is that smoking marijuana changes the brain. The nucleus accumbens thickens and among those in the study, the more they smoked the more it thickened. The changes […]