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Christ Formed In You

7 Errors to Avoid

Shepherd Press author, Brian Hedges, has a new article just published at Christianity.com. The article is titled, “7 Errors to Avoid in Following Christ.” Brian’s writing is insightful and encouraging! We are offering Brian’s books and ebooks, Active Spirituality and Christ Formed in You at a 25% discount through this coming Monday. Just check out the links below.. You will receive the discount automatically when you check out. No special code is needed.

Heaven: The Ultimate Gift

This is the season of gifts. From Thanksgiving to Christmas giving gifts dominates much of our lives. If no gifts were given many businesses would fail, many hearts would be broken, many faces would be sad. God made us to be gift givers. We are made in his image and he is the greatest gift giver of all. Last night, as I was driving home around 10:30, the sky was clear. I turned south onto a road that cuts across a large open field. Low in the southeastern sky was a magnificent moon rise. The Moon and Venus hung in space in a stunning display shouting the wonders of God’s glory. This is but one example of the gifts God […]