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So you want proof?

An atheist wrote in with a question about a recent post: I have posted the question here along with a request to engage her about her beliefs as an atheist. I thought that our readers would be interested as well. I will keep you up to date. Please pray that God will use this opportunity to bring honor to his name. “Can you prove that we’re all going to stand face to face with Jesus Christ one day? (And the Bible doesn’t count as proof, since you can’t prove that it’s anything more than an extremely old book of mythology.) Or will you admit that your beliefs are based on nothing more than blind faith, just like the beliefs of […]

The Gospel makes what was toxic alive again!

Cancer attacks healthy tissue and turns it toxic. Medicine attacks these toxic tissues. The toxic cells are either cut out or they attacked with medicine that is even more toxic. The question is whether the human body can survive the treatment. In my case the recommended course is to fight poison with poison. With a combination of toxic chemicals and targeted radiation the plan is to eliminate the bad and allow healthy cells to grow. This combination of treatment will begin in a few hours. But, like everyone one else on earth, I have a problem that is far more deadly than cancer. Sin has plagued my body and soul since my birth. There is no medical cure for sin. […]