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A Prayer

My Father, my God, my Savior, This night brings no certainty about the next day. I know what I would like to see, but then I think of all that could happen and all the good that might be left undone. I want to be healed, but then there are so many that need healing. There are so many that hurt. I want my family to be known and cared for by you. But there is so much more than my family that needs to be cared for. I think about tomorrow and I feel so inadequate, so incapable of knowing how to pray to you, the one who knows me better than any other. I am at a loss […]

Help Your Kids – Acknowledge Your Sins Quickly!

You just became impatient with your nine-year-old. He was slow doing his part of the spring yard work. You snapped at him and told him if he didn’t work harder he would lose his computer privileges for six months. You immediately felt guilty. Here are some of the ways in which you might respond if you are not engaging in genuine repentance and renewal: You think that you shouldn’t feel guilty because he really is being slow. You know you should not have snapped, but he should have worked faster, so you say nothing. You are embarrassed about snapping but reluctant to acknowledge it to your son, so again, you say nothing. You feel guilty for snapping, so you apologize […]

Each Day

Each Day Each day that passes without a vision for heaven is day lost for God’s glory. Each day that passes without gratitude for Christ’s death on your behalf is a day lost on yourself. Each day that passes without compassion for those lost is a day lost in self-indulgence. Each day that passes without passion for showing the love of Christ to those you love is a day lost exploiting those whom you love. Each day that is dominated by your sense of anger that you are not appreciated is a day lost in self-pity. Stop losing days to your desires that make you feel that life is against you. As a Christian, live each day as a precious […]

Do I belong to myself or to God?

By Paul Tripp True identity is rooted in worshiping God as Creator. To have a sense of identity that will not fail you when you are buffeted by the sure-to-come storms of life, you must start at the beginning.  Every part of the fabric of your personhood was carefully knit together by God’s creative hands. There was no part of you that was hidden from him. He carefully examined every aspect of your unformed body before you were born. There were no accidents, no glitches, no thoughtless moments. Just like David, you too were “fearfully and wonderfully” made. The color of your eyes, the shape of your body, your intellectual and physical gifts, your hair, your voice, your personality, the […]

God, rain and California

A lot can be known about about people by finding out who they turn to for help. California faces a severe lack of water. Attempts at regulation and conservation have not helped. The one thing that would make a difference, more rain, is acknowledged, but the one who provides the rain is ignored. In the book of James, the author talks about the power of faith. He mentions Elijah and how God had withheld rain from a faithless Israel for three and a half years because of his prayers. Elijah understood how things work – God is in control of the rain and everything else that matters on planet earth. It is an antiquated notion that dependence upon God is […]

Parent, do you expect to be obeyed?

Your view of obedience controls how you give directions. Strange as it may seem, the way your garbage is taken out can reveal your functional understanding of obedience. The goal is to learn how to give holy, everyday directions that please God and bless your children. Let me begin by asking you two questions: Do you want your children to obey your directions and take out the garbage? You might be thinking, “That’s a strange question; of course I want my children to obey me.” That leads me to the second question. Assuming you want your children to obey you, do you act as if you expect them to take out the garbage? Now you are sure I am asking […]

You live in a war zone!

Suppose you lived in an area that was in a constant state of urban warfare. It might be guerrilla warfare, or tribal disputes, or ethnic hatred or prolonged civil war. In these types of warfare, Christians are often acceptable targets.  For families living in one of these media-neglected war zones, going outside to play can act of reckless endangerment. The instructions you give your children are instructions of life and death. If your kids fail to follow your directions to the letter they may pay with their life. An inviting, innocent looking object lying the ground may be a death trap. Failing to follow the exact path you give them to bring fresh water to your home may result in […]

The Resurrection – Don’t be foolish!

On the day of the resurrection on the road to Emmaus, two men who had been with Jesus, encountered him as they walked. He kept them from recognizing him. He asked them what they were talking about. The men were incredulous! What else was there to talk about except what had happened since the crucifixion. They spoke of Christ and his power in the past tense. They spoke of their lost hope. They were puzzled at the reports that maybe Jesus was alive. They were evaluating these events from an earthly perspective. They did not believe, they speculated, they wondered. Listen to strong rebuke from Christ: “He said to them, “How foolish you are, and how slow to believe all […]

The day after, the day before

Think about Saturday, the day after the crucifixion. This day was different. The trial, the crowds, the drama of Christ upon the cross was past. The disciples were overwhelmed. Judas was gone. The eleven and those close to them had spent three years with the most powerful person in all of human history. Try as they might they could not anticipate his next move or deed. Now, his striking presence was gone. It appeared their hopes and dreams had evaporated before their eyes. The Roman leaders were most likely relieved that this whole mess was behind them. But there was the Centurion who knew that a great wrong had been done. And, of course, there was Pilate, perhaps still washing […]

Who is your king?

Who is your king? Jesus says that you can only have one. No man can serve two masters. About mid-day on the first Good Friday, Pilate pled with the Jews for the life of Jesus. In John 19:15 we read this interchange: But they shouted, “Take him away! Take him away! Crucify him!” “Shall I crucify your king?” Pilate asked. “We have no king but Caesar,” the chief priests answered. Blinded by rage and anger at Jesus, the Jewish leaders spoke from their hearts. Jesus was not their king! What about you? Who is the king of your heart? Before you answer, remember that your heart has already revealed the answer to your children, your spouse, to those who are […]