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The resurrection – it’s personal

You will celebrate the resurrection this Sunday. As think about this it is probably something that you hold dear. Jesus died for you. He was resurrected for you. He gave you life. He gave you the opportunity to tell your kids how special he is to you. Do your kids know how special he is to you? Here is a way to let them know. You have caught your middle school child in a lie. You have confronted him with his lie and he has admitted it. Then you tell your child something like this: Justin, I know what it is like to lie. When mommy was a little girl, I used to lie when I didn’t want to get […]

Chocolate bunnies and the wrath of God

The resurrection is the defining moment in all of human history. Without the resurrection the holy character of God could not have allowed for the earth, for the race of men nor for the redemption of sinners. God is only capable of dealing with what is holy and pure. Without the reality of the resurrection nothing would be holy and pure. When Christ rose from the dead he completed the triumph that made all that we know and love possible. That which was ugly, unholy and worthy of wrath was made new, pure, holy. There could be no doubt – either the wrath of God was satisfied or it was not. Those who reject Christ receive the just payment for […]