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Waking Up Weary

Parenting is challenging. It leaves you weary at the end of the day; weary not only because of the trials of the day just finished, but also because tomorrow is just a few hours away. You know that in the morning you will wake up weary. Weariness dominates when you see life’s responsibilities and burdens in abstraction from God’s purposes. When that happens, you take on the burden of parenting in you own strength. God is at work in the most intimate details of your life. He delights in blessing his children with his strength. For this to occur, you must see that God is the one who has brought you to this point of weariness so that you will […]

Healthy or Holy?

Just to be clear, taking care of your health is a vital obligation you have before God. Having said that, here is a question to consider: Do you care more about being healthy or holy? Let’s think this through. Being as healthy as you can is important! However, problems with your health can take nothing from you that will damage your relationship with God. Sin, on the other hand, will do this and much more. Being sick or injured cannot keep you from God, but sin certainly will. Maintaining good health is something most people take seriously. Sin – not so much. For example, spending time and money to find the right diagnosis for a health issue is done without […]

An interview with your teenager

Suppose someone interviewed your teenager immediately after the two of you had a difficult conversation. What would he say? Would he say that you listened to him respectfully, wanting to fully understand him before you answered? Would she say that you showed thoughtful care for her concerns? Would your teenager say that the words you used were pleasant, encouraging and kind? Most importantly, would your teenager say your words were spoken with humility? Would your teenager think he was the most important person in the conversation? At this point someone might be protesting, “Wait a minute, my kid was being disrespectful to me. He doesn’t deserve to be treated that way!” In Philippians 2, the apostle Paul says this to […]

Ask Good Questions

by Tedd Tripp Ask good questions to help your children understand their attitudes of heart. Think, for example, of the young man who has humiliated his younger brother in the presence of his older friends. You must correct his rude and hurtful behavior, but the wise parent will also help him understand what motivated him. You might have a conversation like this: “Do you think your brother was embarrassed by the ways you spoke to him?” “Yeah, I guess.” “Why do you think he felt so hurt?” “I guess he thought I was making fun of him.” “I think you’re right, he did. This is a hard question, but what do you think was going on in your heart when […]

Your God keeps his word!

Five simple words that should dominate your life. People can disappoint and be hurtful. Your God keeps his word. You feel alone and are tempted to think no one understands. Your God keeps his word. You know you need courage to the wife or husband God wants you to be. Your God keeps his word. You need strength to be consistent as a parent. Your God keeps his word. You are treated unfairly at work and no one notices. Your God keeps his word. You are discouraged about the political campaign. Your God keeps his word. You battling sickness or injury. Your God keeps his word. You desire to be more like Christ. Your God keeps his word! Psalm 146 […]

Do you live like heaven matters?

The Holy Spirit has guaranteed you an inheritance, which includes your place in heaven. What a huge blessing this is! The most wonderful and spectacular destination any human can have has been secured for you by God’s Holy Spirit. If you were going to take the vacation of a life time would you be silent about your upcoming journey? Would you plan for it? Would you think of all the great things you would do on this once-in-a- lifetime trip? I think the answer to these questions is obvious. Now let’s compare this grand earthly journey with the one you will take one day. Actually, the two are not worth comparing as the trip that says destination: Heaven – is […]

Joy In Sadness

“Mommy, Heather was really mean to me today at school. I thought she was my best friend! I am really, really sad. I just want to stay home and not go back, ever.” Your daughter has just experienced how cruel and sad life can be. Yet through all of this she can know and experience joy. To do this she needs the Holy Spirit’s fruit. What brings joy to you profoundly impacts your children’s understanding of joy. Biblical joy is unique. It is the Spirit’s fruit. It cannot be reproduced apart from his work. There is, of course, joy that manifests itself in the human spirit. It comes from being encouraged by positive, happy circumstances. That is good, but there […]

Self-Control and Your Children

Self-control is the fruit of the Spirit. In other words it is the evidence, the legacy of the Spirit’s work in the life of God’s people. This means we are talking about more than just physical or mental discipline. Any human can show control over these things. But only someone who is born of the Spirit of God can practice biblical self-control. This is why the biblical definition that Ruth Younts gives for self-control is vital for your children. Self-control is the ability to say no to my wrong desires and yes to what God wants me to do.” This is why the gospel must be the center-piece of your parenting. As a parent you are to constantly teach your […]

Easter is just around the corner!

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Running To Repentance

Sin entangles in despair and hopelessness. Repentance brings freedom. Here is how it happens. Sin is breaking the law of God. Repentance is seeing the rejection of the his law in relational terms and seeking obedience as a response to his goodness So, you don’t just acknowledge that you were angry, but you also repent of the lack of love that produced the anger. Sin is hating what is good and loving what is evil. Repentance is examining the root of the things you are passionate about. What are sometimes known as besetting sins, sins like anger or lust or self-pity that you cling to, are in reality a love of evil and a hatred for what honors God. Repentance […]