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Investing In Landfills

Gold and precious stones are easy to acquire. All you need is money.  Thus, the rich, the famous, the sports elite gather gold and glittering jewelry for all to see. For the ordinary rich and those who want to be rich, they are told to pad their retirement accounts with gold and silver. In the midst of the dazzling display of wealth you can hear the words of success and the worship of created things. But for all this wealth, what is rarely heard are words that make sense of life. The wonders of man are easily obtained. Look at our culture. Material wealth abounds, even in the face of poverty. Money, either owned or borrowed will provide the desires […]

You Just Had To Say It

Once again, someone in your life has offended you. Your frustration boils over. How many more times will you have to put up with being offended? So, you take matters into your own hands and let the offender know how you feel. You tell him just how annoyed and offended you are. You don’t care if he is your brother or your coworker, enough is enough. Afterwards, you think you feel vindicated, you think you feel better, you think you have stood up for your rights. But something is not right. You still feel edgy and angry. What’s wrong? Doing things your way will always leave you unsettled. God has a different way to handle personal offenses! Here are four […]