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The Gospel and Electric Lights

Psalm 72 declares that God alone does wondrous things. How easily this truth is discarded! Ultimately, the reason that you can bring light to your home by flipping a switch on the wall instead of lighting a candle is the gospel. The reason someone lets you into the next traffic lane instead of running you off the road is the gospel. The reason you can buy food instead of having to kill others for it is the gospel. Sound strange or naïve? If so, then you have underestimated the power of the gospel. When Adam and Eve believed Satan’s lie, not only did spiritual death occur, but at that moment human hope ceased to exist. Until God proclaimed to Satan, […]

Obedience Doesn’t Make Your Child Good

Biblical obedience is first and foremost a response to God’s mercy. As people in need of the grace of God there is nothing we can do nothing to earn our standing with God. Obedience doesn’t make a person good, it is a response to God’s goodness. Do your children believe this? Obedience can’t be used to plea bargain with God, or to appease him, or to become worthy in his eyes. Only the work of Christ can make things right with God. Understood in this light, obedience is not something you use to gain a reward – obedience itself is your reward, your great privilege, honor and joy. If that is true for you, then that is also the attitude […]

Fear and Darkness

The lights are out. Something moves on the wall. There is a sudden, unexpected sound. A scary image flashes on the screen of your child’s mind. Next comes the familiar cry, “Mommy, I’m scared.” You enter your child’s room and ask what’s wrong. The weepy answer that you have heard many times before comes once again, “I don’t know. I’m just afraid. Don’t leave.” What do you do? The first thing to recognize is that there usually is not a response you can make at this moment that will magically make everything okay for your child. So, in the moment you comfort your child, pray with her and offer your assurances that she is safe. Often this means staying with […]

Patience: Living In the Expectation Of God’s Care

When things are going well, we tend to be okay with God’s control. Being patient is not much of a challenge. But, when life becomes hard it is a different story. Patience is easily lost and frustration sets in. Why? The Holy Spirit says that God is causing all the events in your life to work together for your good. So, when you look at life and fail to see God’s faithfulness, even  in the painful things, you are judging God. God says he is always faithful and and gracious to those whom he loves. You are critiquing God based upon your perception of how your life is going. Not a good idea! Patience means living in the expectation of […]

Your Toddler’s Worldview

Toddlers and worldview are not concepts that seem compatible. The image of a three–year-old doing a google search about worldview brings humor. However, your toddler does have a worldview. It shapes the way he looks at his life. It shapes the way he looks at you as his parent. It may be limited, but it is a worldview nonetheless. He actually expresses his worldview constantly. This worldview is shown in statements like “I’m thirsty. “He took my toy.” “I want a cookie.” “I’m tired.” “I’m hungry.” “I don’t want to.” Do you see a pattern here? A toddler’s worldview begins and ends with himself. This should not be surprising given that the Bible tells you your toddler’s sole purpose in […]

Assuming the obvious: poor decision

“Hey mom, Jeremy is upset.” “Okay Sarah, I’ll be right there.” Mom is thinking, “Here we go again.  Sarah is always making Jeremy upset. I can’t finish anything without somebody having an issue. I’ll get to it in a moment.” Here is another example:. “Dad, I’m really sorry I messed up and forgot to cut the grass. I’ll get to it right after lunch. Sorry dad.” Inside, dad is losing it. He is thinking, “When will this kid ever grow up and be responsible?” So in a frustrated voice he says, “James, when is this pattern going to change? You need to start being responsible. Don’t make promises you can’t keep!” Dad walks away miffed, “At least I didn’t yell […]

The Power Of Meekness

These are troubling days. The wicked appear to have the upper hand. But the word of God assures you that things are not as they seem. King David wrote a song that was used in worship to remind God’s people that the wicked have limits. Meekness will triumph over wickedness! David states that the meek shall inherit the land. Some one thousand years later Jesus quotes these very words as he begins the Sermon on the Mount. Jesus was letting his followers know that even though they would face persecution God would not abandon them or his covenant commitment to do what is right. Christians are to use the weapons of the Spirit and not of the flesh. In this […]

Summer Arrives, Right On Schedule!

Today is June 20th. At 6:34 p.m. EDT the Sun will reach its northern most point in the sky. For those in the northern hemisphere this is the official beginning of summer. If you live in the southern hemisphere, welcome to winter. The next three months will bring climatic changes caused by heat, cold, drought, and violent storms across the planet. Animals will hibernate and crops will grow. Days will simultaneously grow longer and shorter. Three months from now the winds of the equinox will signal the arrival of spring and fall. This is all orchestrated by the Lord of the wind and the waves. God makes the climate change. Right on schedule! Today the Sun completes its journey which […]

Fathers: God’s Idea

Fathers, mothers, husbands, wives, and families exist because of God’s exquisite plan. Divine institution has brought stability to the planet Earth through out recorded history. These roles and institutions did not evolve or become reality because of a legislative or community process. God ordained fathers and all the rest of the family structure. Now the politically correct elite of today envision something different. The biblical construct of the family is deemed to be outdated. But look at what has happened under the rule of the politically correct. There is no longer one definition of what constitutes a family. One man and one woman are seen as archaic, even destructive as building blocks for a family. Sexual freedom has led to […]

A Challenge to Fathers

Father’s Day is a time of expressing appreciation to dads. That’s a good thing. Happy Father’s Day! But this post is about presenting a challenge that the Holy Spirit gives to fathers every single day. Paul issues a two-pronged challenge directly to fathers: Fathers, do not provoke your children to anger, but bring them up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord. (Ephesians 6:4) First – don’t provoke your children to anger. Why does Paul make such an obvious point? Surely everyone knows fathers should not be angry. That’s true, but anger is one thing that most fathers struggle with. Anger too often accompanies leadership. This is a sign of weakness, not strength. Anger may come when a child […]