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Fourth of July Sale Extended

We’ve extended our Fourth of July Sale through July 17th! Use the coupon code JULY4 to save 40% off your order from our website (excludes already-discounted items and bundles). Start out at our Store Home Page, shop by Author, or choose from one of the categories below: Audio Books Children’s Books Counsel for the Heart Disability eBooks LifeLine Mini-books Parenting Resources Video

Jesus and the Book of Proverbs

The book of Proverbs is one of the best known Old Testament books, both inside and outside Christianity, and a classic of literature in its own right. Christians who look to the crucified and risen Christ as the heart of our faith can be so centered on the twenty-seven New Testament books directly involving Jesus that we may come to see Proverbs and other Old Testament books as somewhat removed from the life and legacy of our Savior. But there are actually very close connections between Jesus and Proverbs. After all, Jesus himself declared that the entire Old Testament was written about him (Luke 24:44). We should come to every book of the Old Testament seeking to uncover the many […]