A Cloudy Sunrise

God's Great PlanNo leaves are on the trees for a morning sun to show their breathtaking color palette. The clouds appear flat and dull without the sun’s brilliance to highlight their rich contours. There won’t be many photos this morning with comments proclaiming that the heavens are displaying the glory of God. No expressions of wow and awe. It is just another dull ordinary day.


No, the wonder of God’s creation is on display!


You and I think this way when our minds are informed by what we want rather than by the beauty of God’s truth.

The low lying clouds carry moisture that God uses to water his earth. Above them the sun radiates its power, as it always does. But because you can’t see it, it is nothing to get excited about. But even in the dullness its energy brings warmth. The leafless trees are preparing for the coming of spring and fresh, watercolor landscapes. But all we see are bland outlines blending into a dull sky. Again, our eyes and our flesh’s craving for immediate sensory overload ignore the wonder of God that is on display.

These seemingly dull skies and lifeless trees are testimonies of God’s faithfulness. His mercies as just as new and glorious this day as the one’s we use for photo ops.

The Lord Jesus Christ still sits at the right hand of his Father. His salvation still is lavished upon you. The Lord of heaven and earth is at that this moment working all things for his glory and your good.

The wonder of God’s creation is on display!

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