A December Prayer

Dear Father, it’s busy in my life. Crowds are everywhere. My heart is busy, too many gifts, not enough money, not enough time. This month is supposed to be about you. But even at church I feel more busy than thankful for Christ. There are people to see, events to attend. All of this is supposed to be about Jesus, but it feels more like it’s all about me. It’s busy in my life.

I ask you to fill my heart with the wonder of your mercy. I ask for your Spirit, the light of your truth. I ask for awe of you in the rush. I ask for the power of your Son instead of the frustration of my weakness. It’s busy in my heart. Forgive me for not being blown away by you.

Replace the futility of being busy with the peace of doing what you want. Help me to remember that life cannot be measured by what is under the tree. Father, bring the peace of Christ to my heart. In his great name, Amen.

Based on Colossians 3:15-17; Matthew 11;28-30


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