A Prayer For Life

A Proverbs Driven LifeDear Father,

My dreams are too small, my desires too selfish, my actions too sinful. My focus and, too often, my prayers are about what I think is best. Father, you know my weak heart and doubting faith.

I pray you would give me the courage to see that my life is about Christ. I need to follow his life and love you as he did on earth. I pray my life would be about adding to your reputation. I pray my focus would be consumed by showing gratitude for the grace and mercy given to me. Help me to make you attractive in the eyes of those who know me.

Father, I confess that my energy is too often spent on the script I want to write. Help me to have the humility to see that you are the only one I can trust to write my life’s story. May you grant that my story would become your story. May your words become my words.

I confess that I often want only what seems good to me and for me. Help me see that what I want most, even it is a “good” thing, may not be what brings you honor. Help me to love you and value your more than anything I have on earth.

I pray for clarity and grace to see that you do not treat me as my sins deserve. I pray for wisdom not to trust what I think my story should be. I pray for the grace to see that obeying you is my blessing and my reward.

Father, your nearness to me is my good. You are beyond all that I could ever ask or imagine. Make my life to be a living narrative that points to you and your glory, your peace.  Fill me with awe for Christ, my King, my Savior. Give me the courage to live the life that is truly life.

In the name of Jesus. Amen.

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