A Word about our Newsletter

I would like to request your help to promote the Shepherd Press Newsletter. The newsletter comes out weekly. Each issue contains an article that is of importance to you and your family. Usually you will find articles about current news events as well as other pertinent issues that matter to you and your family. The idea is to show the Bible’s relevancy for every area of life, and then further, to help you talk with your children about these issues. You will also find  information about specials that are offered at Shepherdpress.com. The newsletter is a great way to introduce folks to Shepherd Press   and the solid materials that we offer. I am grateful to be associated with a publishing company that has made a commitment to only publish materials are biblical in content, faithful to the gospel message and relevant to the task of shepherding your family towards Christ.

If you would like to help others to know more about Shepherd Press, just forward this post to them. You can also let your pastor or church leaders know about the newsletter. It is informative and helpful. You can subscribe to the newsletter here. Please continue to pray for the ministry of Shepherd Press. There is much work to do. Thank you for your support of the blog. It is a joy to interact with you about topics that matter in living for Christ.

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