Active Spirituality available for now for prepublication discount.

Active Spirituality is a book that will help make your faith real to you. Pastor and theologian, Brian Hedges, succeeds in making theology practical. In Active Spirituality, Brian Hedges allows us to read someone else’s mail — a series of warm pastoral letters, written to a young Christian, about the paradox of grace and effort in the life of faith.

This book will ship in early June. Between now and then you can purchase the book  at 50% discount at Shepherd Press. AND when you purchase the book you will receive a free copy of the ebook so you can being to benefit right away!

Active Spirituality is $13.95 but you can purchase it now for 50% off and receive a free ebook immediately.

Active Spirituality:

Full of practical, biblical wisdom, these friendly pages from Brian Hedges are engaging, encouraging, and helpful to Christians at any stage of spiritual maturity.
—Don Whitney

Brian Hedges has resolved the debate over the distinction between law and Gospel. If you have been confused about the state of your soul, read Active Spirituality.
—Todd Friel

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