Announcing “Noah: A Journal of Praise”

God created man with the powerful capacity for imagination. This capacity can be a very good thing or a very bad thing. Director Darren Aronofsky used his imagination in a damaging way with the movie Noah. The movie weaves myth, ancient heresies and speculation together to produce a story which is unfaithful to the Bible’s account of Noah.

However, author Nancy Ganz and illustrator Matthew Sample show the beauty and wonder of what a biblically informed imagination can accomplish. Here is what Nancy says in the foreword:

“You would think there would be a whole book in the Bible called the ‘Book of Noah,’ but the account of that incredible journey is recorded in only one small section of the book of Genesis. As we read that account we can imagine what it was like for Noah. Had he kept a journal, I think we would have found that it was a ‘Journal of Praise.’ Let’s pretend that we are reading some pages from Noah’s journal.”

Building upon what the Bible actually teaches about Noah and the flood, Noah: A Journal of Praise takes you and your family back thousands of years to what it was like to be a passenger on the most epic journey of all time. This book will provide hours of discussion and thought. Read through this journal with your kids and then return to the story again and again to marvel at what God has done.

Nancy Ganz has written a story which will encourage your faith. Matthew Sample’s art brings to life the drama and beauty of what God did in the life of Noah.

Noah: A Journal of Praise


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