Can Raw and Edgy be used for the glory of God?

I recently asked Bob Bevington, co-author of Red Like Blood, the question posed by the title of this post. Bob’s answer is insightful and helpful.  Sometimes people, including our children, speak to us in terms that are raw and edgy.  If we are compassionate, biblical listeners, it may be that truth can be found even among the edgy things of life.  Here is how Bob answered my question:

JY:           Red Like Blood has been described as raw and edgy. Please help our readers understand that raw and edgy in this context can be used to spread the glory of God.

BB:         The Bible is raw and edgy in places. Have you read Ezekiel 16 lately? Why does the Bible go into detail about the sins of David and Noah and Solomon and Saul of Tarsus and others? Maybe its because sometimes the glory of God, the grace of God shows up brightest against the black backdrop of our sin.

Hiding or sugarcoating the reality of our sin is a little bit like pretending we are something we are not – like the story of the emperor’s new clothes – and it impedes our path to the cross. As Jerry Bridges likes to say, “the gospel is only for sinners.”

But sometimes if we are open and transparent about our sin – even the details of our sin – others will relate and follow us to the cross.


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