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An Atheist’s 10 Commandments

Parents, how is your view of God’s law functionally different from atheist Penn Jillette’s? The reality is that no one can keep even Jillette’s version of the commandments. While seeking to prove you don’t need God to be moral, he has proved just the opposite. As Romans 2 teaches, not even Jillette can keep his own commandments. He is condemned by his own words. Having said that let’s make sure our children see the beauty and depth of God’s commandments in contrast to Jillette’s moral-isms. Let me know your thoughts! Here are Jillette’s commandments: 1. The highest ideals are human intelligence, creativity and love. Respect these above all. 2. Do not put things or even ideas above other human beings. […]

Camping Out

I had decided not to blog about the Harold Camping prediction—the prediction that the rapture will occur tomorrow, and the end of the world will happen next October. But after hearing Rush Limbaugh mention it on his show, I need to comment.  Atheists have had a field day mocking this prediction. Fox News and other networks have run stories about Camping’s predictions.

Holy Week

Justin Taylor has put together a harmony/chronology from the gospels of the week leading up to the resurrection of Christ. This kind of Bible study is valuable, but also takes some careful study and planning. With the help of the ESV Study Bible, Justin has done that work for you. This is a wonderful opportunity to follow with your family the life of Christ during this most significant week of human history. Here is the link to Palm Sunday. You can follow the rest of the week by going back to Justin’s blog each day and clicking on this link. Thanks to Justin for this resource!