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Fifty Shades: A sexual assault on your daughter

Let’s get one thing clear. The Fifty Shades movie opening this Valentine’s Day weekend is an assault on young women and God’s institution of marriage. Pleasure is found in pain, in yielding to the lusts of perverted men who whose desire is to dominate women. This is somehow packaged as the ultimate sexual / romantic adventure. This marketing lie appears to be effective. All indications are that this 100 minute long movie will dominate the box-office, perhaps even setting records for a Valentine’s Day weekend. For years Hollywood’s message has been: Sex is about sensual experience, pain, and perversion. Biblical love is outdated and dull. Experience is ultimate. Pornography is the best venue for learning about sex. Make no mistake, […]

America is in great peril

One Super Bowl ad shows why America is in great peril. God was used a marketing ploy. Even God’s cell phone can have a dead battery! This ad is from a company that sells charging accessories for electronic devices. The ad depicts a chaotic world that has suddenly gone out of control. At the end of the ad we see why: a character who is supposedly playing God has a cell phone whose battery is almost dead. The character sighs and the world continues to fall apart. God is truly irrelevant, at least in ad country. From these ads we learned that: lingerie makes for great sex, that an insurance company can keep our kids from dying, people can be […]

Super Bowl ads – $150,000 per second

The Super Bowl is important to you as a Christian parent. The game tells you a great deal about the world your children inhabit. Advertiser’s will pay $150,000 a second or 4.5 million dollars for a 30 second commercial! And this is just for the air time. Millions more go into the production of the ad and market research. That is a lot of money to encourage you to buy a potato chip. The companies who sponsor these commercials spend a considerable amount of money and resources to attempt to learn what motivates people. It is safe to assume that these sponsors don’t see an America that is primarily motivated by a desire for holiness. Literally hundreds of millions of […]

Tedd Tripp on the Danger of Being a Fool

The Danger of Being a Fool by Tedd Tripp The alternative to teaching our children biblical hierarchy is to allow them to be autonomous self-directed people. The Bible has a term for such a person: the fool. “The fool says in his heart, ‘There is no God’” (Ps. 14:1). The fool says, “I will be my own self-directed person; no one will tell me what to do. I will do what I want to do, when I want to do it. I will be ruled by nothing other than my own whim.” This is not freedom; it is foolishness. To live in God’s world as though there is no God is the height of folly. A later chapter will be […]

Options for America: 2015

What hope does a country have that has no fear of God? The first option is to repent of her sins before the Lord of heaven and earth. There is no plan B. Unrepentant sin leads to arrogance and self-importance. Ancient Nineveh was considered an important city. It was large and proud. And like today, obeying God was an outdated joke. The city was evil. Jonah’s message was simple, “in forty days, Nineveh will be overthrown.” When the King of Nineveh was confronted by God’s prophet, he did something extraordinary – he repented! He rose from his throne, took off his royal robes, covered himself with sackcloth and sat down in the dust. Then he issued a proclamation: “By the […]

God speaks to a world in chaos

Things were falling apart in Israel, the northern kingdom that followed the ways of Jeroboam. The worship of God had been exchanged for the worship of convenience. The truth of God was exchanged for the pleasures of the flesh. The prophets of the Lord were exchanged for the prophets of Baal. The practice of purity was exchanged for debauchery and lewdness. The word of God was exchanged for human desires. Sound familiar? God’s message to Israel 2,800 years ago is the same for you today. As Psalm 2 says, The Lord laughs at those who think they are in control. The corrupt rule of man has been replaced with the Prince of Peace. In a world falling apart, Christ is […]

God & Black Friday

Much planning goes into preparing for a successful Black Friday. Cash flow is carefully monitored. Credit limits are pushed to the max. Intricate strategies for timing and storage of products are worked and reworked. The stress levels are high. Did you think I am referring to the business plans of retailers? Ah, no. Actually, I am talking about the plans of the average American shopper. The Thanksgiving Dinner becomes a fading mirage as the execution of a successful Black Friday shopping trip takes center stage. Black Friday is about spending the least amount of money to gain the most amount of gifts. This is the strategy of “smart” shoppers. Just one question. How much is God involved in your planning? […]

You never know!

497 years ago one man driven by his passion for the gospel wrote some things down on paper. Then he nailed the paper to a church door. The sound of the nail driven into that door still reverberates to this day. Social media has been around longer than we think! If you have a passion for God’s gospel truth there are no limitations. No, your name may not be remembered as Martin Luther’s is, but your voice will resonate in history. You may not have a church door in Wittenburg to post your thoughts. But you do have a voice, you may have a Facebook page, an email account, a phone to send texts, a friend to talk with, a […]

How long until our nation is humbled before God?

Death and violence in schools, brutal attacks on those in law enforcement and the military, an infectious disease lingers in our largest city, armies dedicated to the defeat of America, financial markets in constant flux, the destruction of the unborn, sexual immorality mandated by law, prayers to the God of heaven unconstitutional, drought unrelenting, mention of God in educational settings mocked, and still our leaders do not cry out to God for mercy. How long, how long?   Years ago a leader of a government and a people not unlike our own was confronted by a call to repent before the one true God. And he did! The King of  evil, pagan Nineveh knew he and his people we’re living […]