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The violence of class warfare, civil unrest, and the heart

The heart is what drives us. Author Tedd Tripp has had a huge impact on how to raise children by stressing the importance of the heart. This quote is typical of Tripp’s insight: “Evil thoughts, theft, malice, lewdness, arrogance, and folly; we see it all in our children from time to time. We ask one another, “Where does he get this stuff from?” The Bible tells us it comes from the heart.” This truth applies to more than raising children. Others have also understood role of the heart. The heart is the most powerful of all human weapons. Class warfare is driven by the heart. History has shown that class warfare cannot be controlled by laws or even armies. The […]

How to talk to your children about the verdict

News headlines provide daily opportunities to tell your children about the King of the universe and how he runs his world. The announcement of the verdict in Sanford, Florida has made headlines. How do you interact with your children about this verdict? There is already anger, frustration, and calls for violence. Others are adamant that we must abide by the laws and by what appeared to be a fair trial; they say it’s time to move on. But, these two perspectives are not the only ones and perhaps not even the most important ones to consider. There is a cultural / historical component that is intertwined with the verdict.  There is also the perspective of God’s faithfulness to honor his […]

June 26, 2013: Defiance Day

George Washington nominated intolerant extremist, John Jay, to be Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court. At least that is what our current Court thinks. On September 24th, 1789, President George Washington signed into law the Judiciary Act. Later that day he nominated John Jay of New York to be the first Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Justice Jay had impressive credentials. But for our purposes please note these three quotes made by John Jay regarding Christianity and the Bible: “By conveying the Bible to people . . . we certainly do them a most interesting act of kindness. We thereby enable them to learn that man was originally created and placed in a state of happiness, but, becoming […]

Supreme Court: God & Bible are Irrelevant

In two 5-4 decisions, the United States Supreme Court has ruled that person of God and his Scripture are no longer relevant with regard to the institution of marriage. In the place of God, the Court has ruled that the will of men determines what constitutes marriage. The court’s decision is built on a moral foundation less stable than quicksand. Let’s be clear, these verdicts are more about the failure of the church to be salt and light than they are about the failure of the Supreme Court. For at least three generations the church has allowed her children to be taught that God has no part in the educational process. It began by teaching that God has nothing to […]

Faith on a wire – on balance

After having an evening to reflect on Nik Wallenda’s stunning wire walk across the Grand Canyon, here are a few points to consider along with the last post. First Point – You are only as safe as God wants you to be. The truth is that whether you are walking on a 2 inch cable 1,500 feet above ground or walking across the street you are equally dependent upon God for safety. I can hear someone saying, “come on, there is a big difference between crossing the Grand Canyon and crossing the street.” No, not really. Each second, heartbeat, and step occurs because of the will of God. Safety is not primarily a matter of location. Safety is connected to […]

God – The Originator of Climate Change

God is in the business of climate change. In fact he has publicly committed himself to regular climate change four times each year. Today is June 21. Depending on where you live it is either the beginning of winter or of summer. The next three months will bring climatic changes caused by heat, cold, drought, and violent storms across the planet. Animals will hibernate and crops will grow. Some will know abundance, others will know famine. Days will simultaneously grow longer and shorter. Three months from now the winds of the equinox will signal the arrival of spring and fall. This is all orchestrated by the Lord of the wind and the waves. God is the ruler of climate change. […]

Parental Authority also Sacrificed on the Altar of Sexual Promiscuity

As far as the government is concerned your authority as a parent is gone. You can believe that you still have control over your family, if you choose to believe in fantasies. But the reality is that it is government who decides what is moral for your family. Don’t bother mentioning God in this discussion – his law has been ruled unconstitutional! At least that is how the government sees things. An innocuous sounding announcement by White House Press Secretary, Jay Carney, has cast a dark shadow over the American family. The current administration has yielded to the court order of a U.S. District judge to make the Plan B morning after pill available to women of all ages. Here […]

Who is Listening?

Each day the headlines tell us of new ways our privacy has been compromised.  There are credible fears of government’s intrusion into private electronic communication. Is privacy an illusion? Should we fear governmental agencies that appear to have gone too far? Can our private words be used against us? Perhaps. However, what really should be feared is ignored. Here is the reality that is not being reported: There is no communication or thought that is not known and recorded by God. If you want to fear something, fear this. Forget listening in on phone conversations. God knows the words that you will say before you even say them. What’s more, your supposedly private thoughts will be used as evidence to […]

Teenagers Sacrificed on Altar of Sexual Promiscuity.

This was a difficult post to write. The content is unpleasant. But if we love God and love our children we have no choice but to become salt and light to a dark nation. America has become obsessed with the pursuit of sexual lust. Our nation risks the death of teenagers in order to be rid God’s design for sex. If you have doubts about this, note today’s headlines. One popular news site today posted these two headline links in consecutive order: 1. FDA Approves Morning-After Pill For Over-the-Counter sales Age 15 and Up 2. Doctor: Gonorrhea super bug worse than Aids On the one hand the FDA has just approved a drug that will encourage sexual activity among teenagers. […]

Male, Female – Marriage, Sex

 There is no random with God.  Sex was designed for husbands and wives. The sexual revolution actually began with the fall – man continues to fall for the same trap; we think there has to be a better way than God’s. One of the great lies of our time is that sex and marriage have nothing to do with each other. Lust is camouflaged as sexual attraction. Saying sex is restricted to marriage is outdated, archaic, and now constitutes hate speech. Don’t fall prey to the destructive urban legend that sex is not connected to marriage. God designed sexual relations to work in only one context – marriage. Don’t believe otherwise. Listen to Christ! “Haven’t you read,” he replied, “that […]