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Airports, Ebola and God

Airports can be wonderful places.  They help make it possible to travel all over the world. But airports can also be places of danger. People, or more specifically, people with infectious diseases, can travel from one part of the world to another using airports. So what can be a great blessing can also be a great curse.    In the international airport in Dallas a flyer has brought the ebola virus to America. This morning the Center for Disease Control (CDC) says it is possible that several others could be infected as well. The CDC is also confident that this situation can be contained.   USA Today is reporting that the passenger in question arrived in Dallas from Liberia on […]

God’s answer to domestic violence

A wife is to be treated with great respect and honor,  even if she is not as physically strong as her husband. A wife will receive the same gift of life as her husband. A wife is to be intimately understood by her husband. She is not subservient to him in any way. Husbands who fail to grasp these basic truths will have their prayers hindered by God. These are some of the things that we learn from I Peter 3:7. When husbands physically intimidate their wives, either by threat or by injury, they turn from God and bring disgust and dishonor upon themselves. When husbands verbally intimidate their wives they fail to treat them with the understanding and respect […]

ISIS – The Darker Side of Evil

Once again we have come face-to-face with the darker side of evil.     We face evil in some form everyday. We do live in a dark world. We know there is danger but we have become accustomed to the darkness. We use laws, social norms, military force, education, enlightened media pundits and brave first responders to make everyday evil seem less intimidating. We do this in the same way we use the light switch to make the night to less frightening.    Here are some examples of how we attempt to coexist with everyday evil.    Sexual immorality is evil. But rather than face this evil directly we use a different strategy.  We have made sexual immorality legal and […]

The End of Fossil Fuels

Little is certain in this life.  But there is one fact, one rock that is solid, certain and secure.   Christ will return and make all things new.   There will be no need for fossil fuels or alternative energy sources as the radiant glory of Christ will supply all the power that we will need. Tears will be wiped away. All the inequities of life will be wonderfully and finally resolved.  Our broken bodies will be made whole. We will be with the Lord as we step into eternity!   With this great truth in hand do not be dismayed at the mess man has made of this world. Things like food prices, miles per gallon ratings, energy supply […]

What about Ebola?

Can the people of the earth, of a particular country, ignore the person and rule of God without fear of consequence? In America it is permissible to speak of any god as long as that god is not the God of the Bible. We can pray in any name as long as it is not the name of Jesus Christ. We claim to be a spiritual people, but we refuse to be illumined by the words and laws of the Holy Spirit. In the name of sexual freedom God’s instruction of what constitutes a family has been savaged. Let me ask again, can God be ignored without fear of consequence? The answer is no!  God will not be ignored. His […]

Fifty Shades of Sin & the Heart of America

In 2012, the E L James novel, Fifty Shades of Grey became a best seller. This book was the first of a trilogy by this same author. Many claimed that these books formed a new genre of literature, mommy-porn.  The books are about the dark world of pain and sexual perversion.  At Amazon, Fifty Shades of Grey was the most popular book of 2012.     Not surprisingly, the book is being made into a movie to be released on Valentines’ Day, 2015.  The trailer for the movie was released this past week. Americans immediately responded by making this book, once again, the number one best selling book on Amazon.   The news headlines are dominated by events in Ukraine, […]

If you don’t talk to you kids about sex, MTV will.

MTV continues to push the envelope.  On July 16th, the music network is offering a new reality show for its viewers. According to the name of the show is Virgin Territory. According to Fox:   “The show follows 15 young adults, all between the ages of 18 to 23, who, for various reasons, are still virgins. During the course of the series, at least some of those featured will lose their virginity.   “Some of them are hanging on to their virginity and others are desperately trying to lose it,” a description of the show on MTV’s website explains.”   What would have been unthinkable 10 years ago is now served to the living rooms of millions of families […]

70 years ago: a prayer to preserve our Republic, our religion, and our civilization.

June 6, 1944 our President led the nation in prayer to God. The American people welcomed this prayer.  Notice FDR did not speak of many Gods or many faiths or many religions.  He asked that the will of Almighty God be done. Today, we seek protection from a moment of silence offered to a god of our own choosing. Today, we are too proud to seek protection of the one true God.    May God have mercy on our land.   Franklin Roosevelt’s D-Day Prayer June 6, 1944   My fellow Americans: Last night, when I spoke with you about the fall of Rome, I knew at that moment that troops of the United States and our allies were crossing […]

A word of thanks to Kirk Cameron

Kirk Cameron is committed to his family and to God as are many Christians. He thinks like many of us do. Kirk says things that you and I often say. Kirk is also like the rest of us, he is a sinner saved by grace. But there are things that are different.  Many more people hear what he says than what you and I say. There is another difference. Most people and the media do not know who you and I are. So what we say about the God we love and the Bible is not published across the internet and media headlines. But Kirk, that is a different story.   Kirk’s words, often the same words that you and […]

An Important post from Dr. Charles Hodges, author of Good Mood Bad Mood

Marijuana Changes Brains: I Told You So! It is time once again for my semi-regular harangue on the subject of pot. I have several blogs in which I have risked the wrath of those who believe it is their libertarian free born American right to smoke dope, I mean pot.J I have also been chastised by those who believe that it should be their right as a Christian to smoke marijuana if it is not against the law. Somehow they think whacky tobacchy (as a friend of mine once called it) fits well in the Paul’s Romans 14 construct of Christian Liberty. I have consistently warned anyone who will listen that there is little to nothing good about humans smoking marijuana. I’ve spent […]