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Parent, above all else guard your heart!

Parents, if you want to give sound and valued counsel to your children – counsel that they will love and respect – you must first heed this admonition for yourself. If you are going to give biblical care to your children, you must attend to your own heart.  Guarding your own heart from evil influences and tendencies is essential.  Are you living hypocritically, ignoring some area of sin instead of repenting and changing?  If so, your attempts to teach and model Christ to your children will be flawed and warped. No training is more effective than the model of a sincere, godly parent. Conversely, no training is more destructive than a hypocritical parent demanding from his children what he will […]

God said to Mary:

You have found favor with God.     You will become pregnant and give birth to a Son.     You will name him Jesus.     He will be great and ascend to the throne of David. Mary then asks the obvious question – how can this happen since I am a virgin?  Her question is not one of doubt, but of one of facilitation. She accepted the angel at his word.  She is simply asking how it will happen, because she has no husband and is a virgin. Her response is of a totally different sort than Zechariah’s when he was told of that he would become a father.  Like Mary, Zechariah was troubled and shaken by the sudden appearance of […]

Christ is with you, even when you forget

Being a faithful parent is a consuming vocation. Parenting absorbs each part of your day. Even when your children are gone for school or church or to a friend’s house, your mind’s eye pursues them and seeks after them. At night, your ears have an open channel that never turns off, as you listen for signs of sickness or upset, even as you sleep. It is easy to be drawn into a swirling vortex of events. Having a clear, sharp and intimate view of Christ is not only desirable, it is essential.   In Psalm 73, the psalmist had become overwhelmed with the seeming futility of following God. Survival mode can become the norm. It is tempting to think, “Right […]

Heaven in a box

Do you think about giving the gift of heaven to  your children? It is impossible, of course, to wrap up even a small piece of heaven in a Christmas gift―but is it possible that our gifts do the opposite? That our gifts say that this life is all that really matters? The gift of heaven is not tangible. We can’t touch it or shake or look at it. But it is, nevertheless a gift that we cannot fail to give. Heaven is a big deal. It is the ultimate reason we train our children not to indulge in the tempting pleasures of a world headed for destruction. Something better waits for them than XBox, Nike, Fisher-Price and Blue-Ray. Heaven is […]

Showing God to your infants & toddlers

Parents often ask how can they make God real to their toddlers. Living Deuteronomy 6:5-7 is a start. This passage provides a mandate to talk to all of your children about God all the time. The common emphasis given to this passage focuses on the beginning of verse seven: “Impress them on your children.” or “teach them diligently.” But verse seven is the outcome of the directions from verses five and six. These words urge that God is to be loved so passionately that his commands will be on the hearts of his people. Once this heart infusion of the love of God takes place the result will be that the love for God’s commands will overflow from the mouth […]

The Lion of Judah

If we are to live a life that is wise, it is imperative that we understand we have an Enemy who attempts to discredit the wonders of God with counterfeit musings. This discrediting can take the form of misinterpreting the good things that God does. For example, as magnificent as a sunset may be, it is not the ultimate that God does. That ultimate is reserved for heaven and the new earth. But the enemy wants you to think that what you see now is all there is.    Also, we have grown accustomed to seeing breathtaking imagery on the big screen. But even these images pale in comparison to the reality of the world that remains unseen to us. […]

Being different, a bold adventure.

There are many ways to describe holiness. One of the most basic is to understand that being holy means being different. Holiness is being distinct from the world. If we are to love God we must be constantly aware that he is holy. He is different. This is what we are to model for our children as we bring them up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord.   Today, the prevailing mood of our political leaders is that we should not be defined by our differences, we should be strengthened by them.  A Christian has a different view. A Christian must be defined by his differences. A Christian is to be chaste and pure. A Christian is to […]

Right or Fair

That’s not fair is a statement that has come define our culture. From the play ground to the court room being fair has do to with getting what we think we deserve. This has profound implications for parenting. Is fairness making sure each child gets the same number of minutes to play with a toy, or making sure that each child has the same number of toys to play with? Is this concept of fairness what God wants you to teach your children? Let’s see.   In Matthew 20:1-16 we find the parable of the workers in the vineyard. The owner of the vineyard sends workers out at various intervals throughout the day to work in his field. The first […]

Remember your first love

Deuteronomy contains Moses’ farewell instructions to Israel. He had led them in the wilderness for 40 years. Moses knew that he would not be able to go with them into the Promised Land. He knew that the daily reminders of God’s presence, the manna, the cloud above, the clothes that would not wear out, would only be memories. So what does Moses urge for Israel? Here it is: “But watch out! Be careful never to forget what you yourself have seen. Do not let these memories escape from your mind as long as you live! And be sure to pass them on to your children and grandchildren.” Deut. 4:9 NLT So how do you hang on to these great truths […]

A summer prayer

Parenting is a lonely occupation at times—just you, the kids, and the digital clock on the nightstand. Gone from your memory are the baby showers, first steps, birthday parties, and adoring friends fawning over your children. Instead, you are faced with one child who is sick and another one who is whining that he has no one to play with since his sister is sick in bed (the same sister that has gifted you with the same cold she has). Your husband is out of town for three days and it has been raining for forever. Lonely, indeed. Two thousand years ago, your brother Paul knelt before his Father and yours and prayed a simple, profound prayer for you. No, Paul didn’t […]