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Mini Post: Worth a Look

It has been a while since the last mini-post–information or a comment about some topic or event at Shepherd Press. This mini-post is to draw your attention to a new item on the right hand column of the blog. This new feature is called Worth a Look. Under this heading you will learn when Shepherd Press will have a booth at a popular conference, information about new titles and other products, or other Shepherd Press activities. For example, Broken-Down House by Paul David Tripp is now available for pre-order. Broken-Down House is a  book about living in a troubled world. This is a timely and needed volume. You will be hearing more about it as the publication date draws near. […]

Mini-Post: Upcoming Issues

Thank you for the excellent questions you sent in response to the Half-way Mark post. We will examine each of them in the coming weeks. Please continue to pray for the blog and for the ministry of Shepherd Press.  For our new readers, the theme Mini-Post is used to provide updates about the blog or to respond to a story or event that is relevant to families. I would expect to see more Mini-Posts as the election season enters its final stages. Consider Psalm 78 as it connects to our current series on the Word is Your Life. O my people, hear my teaching;        listen to the words of my mouth. 2 I will open my mouth […]

Mini-Post: Your Comments

Recently Berta, Lisa and Heather, as well as others, have made comments that to help sharpen the focus of the blog. Your comments, questions and insights provide direction to the issues we cover. This blog is an interactive forum to discuss the biblical dynamics of raising children for the glory of God. Please continue to offer your thoughts. The next two posts are directly related to comments from Lisa and Heather. I look forward to hearing from you.


Dan has just posted the following comment about today’s post, Young Children, Teenagers & the National Day of Silence.    You say in your post, "These topics are difficult to talk to adults about, let alone middle school age children. Yet this is exactly what parents, church leaders and teachers must do if we are to prepare our children for the world they will enter." Why IS IT that these things are difficult to talk about? I have some of my own ideas from my personal experience, but would appreciate your insight. Dan asks,”Why is it difficult to talk about areas of sexual sin?” Let me suggest at least one reason for the difficulty, along with a suggestion for overcoming […]