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Win a Free Book from Shepherd Press

The Shepherd Press Newsletter is an easy way to keep in touch with what is going on at Shepherd Press. Readers can learn about new titles and special sales, and read timely articles about issues that impact family and Christian life. With this in mind, we want to increase the number of subscribers to the newsletter. You can help! Here’s how. Ask 10 people if they would allow you to submit their email addresses to us so they can be added to our email list for the newsletter. The email address will not be used for any other purposes than the newsletter subscription. After receiving the newsletter, folks can unsubscribe if they wish. It is important that people actually consent […]

A Word about our Newsletter

I would like to request your help to promote the Shepherd Press Newsletter. The newsletter comes out weekly. Each issue contains an article that is of importance to you and your family. Usually you will find articles about current news events as well as other pertinent issues that matter to you and your family. The idea is to show the Bible’s relevancy for every area of life, and then further, to help you talk with your children about these issues. You will also find  information about specials that are offered at The newsletter is a great way to introduce folks to Shepherd Press   and the solid materials that we offer. I am grateful to be associated with a publishing […]

Science, Morality and Plan B

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has reversed a policy decision of the Bush Administration. Seventeen-year=olds will soon be able to buy a “morning after” pill to be used as an emergency contraceptive. Fox News reported the story this way on April 22: WASHINGTON — Seventeen-year-olds will soon be able to buy the “morning after” emergency contraceptive without a doctor’s prescription, after the Food and Drug  Administration bowed to a federal judge’s order Wednesday. Reversing a contentious policy of the Bush administration, the FDA said in a brief statement it will not appeal a judge’s order that overturns restrictions limiting over-the-counter  sales of “Plan B” to women 18 and older. U.S. District Judge Edward Korman ruled last month in a […]