Help! Someone I love has cancer.

Here is the opening of a post featuring the new mini-book, Help! Someone I love has cancer:
“I’m sorry. I don’t think I caught that. I have what?”“I said the tests are conclusive. You have cancer. I’m very sorry.”It doesn’t matter what has transpired before we or our loved ones hear these words, or what happens after. In that first frozen moment, we tend to go completely numb. The impact is so great it paralyzes us emotionally—perhaps for months.

Our first response to disaster is typically disbelief: “No, that just can’t be. Surely the tests are wrong. Maybe we need to see another doctor! This can’t be happening to us.”

Maybe we’re the ones receiving this diagnosis ourselves, or maybe those hateful words are directed instead to someone we love. Maybe that’s worse.

So begins Deborah Howard’s newly released eBook HELP! Someone I Love Has Cancer. After the opening paragraphs above, this caring sister in Christ shares a page from her own story—a story of facing cancer alongside her brother and then her husband. Since denial of the truth is very often the first response to the news of cancer, Deborah Howard spends the first chapter of her mini-book giving us counsel to move beyond denial toward embracing suffering as part of God’s providence in our lives.

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Help! Someone I Love Has Cancer

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